True North has had the unique opportunity of two lady bosses making it what it is today. We feel it’s important for you to get to know us both! First, a little about Alyssa Woitach, the current owner.

Image by : Jennifer Brister of Story & Gold Weddings

Image by : Jennifer Brister of Story & Gold Weddings

I am truly a #realtruenorthbride. Getting married in September of 2017 was such a life changing experience. Not only because I got to have an amazing party with all my closest people and marry the man I have loved since high school, but because of the way it changed me.

My wedding was absolutely everything I hoped it would be. And now looking back, I know that it was something I created (with a lot of help of course) by sticking to what felt authentically me. You know that saying “your vibe attracts your tribe?” I never truly felt the power of that until planning a wedding.

I was drawn to True North for this very reason. It felt right. I visited several other shops before I found True North, and my experience at those other places wasn’t bad, but it also wasn’t me. I wanted something more intimate, more relaxed and quite simply more enjoyable. The experience at True North did not disappoint. I was so excited for my appointment and when I got there I had a blast meeting Katee and trying on unique and beautiful gowns. I instantly knew this place was special. Katee made me feel right at home and ultimately helped me find the perfect dress. I was actually bummed when I picked up my dress. Not because my dress wasn’t incredible, but because my time working with Katee and True North had come to an end.

So when Katee approached me about taking over True North Bridal Studio about a year after I found my gown there, it was one of those full body yes situations. Like I said, getting married totally changed me. It made me want to be a part of this pivotal time in other women’s lives. I want to help brides look and feel their absolute best when they say “I do”. But more importantly, I want to help women celebrate themselves and celebrate the life they’ve created with their partner. Katee and True North Bridal Studio were such a big part of that magic for me, and I feel truly honored to have the opportunity to carry on that legacy.

Katee Scoblic founded True North and we will forever sing her praises. Read on to learn all about her journey to opening the True North doors.

My love for wedding dresses stems way back to my childhood. Growing up in a family business that hosted wedding receptions, I would wait in anticipation of getting to catch a peek of the bride and her dress. This was in the late 80’s and 90’s! And it was there, amongst those pure white dresses with gigantic poof sleeves, cascading ruffles upon ruffles, and massive veils---that a tiny seed was planted.

Life took me in many different directions between then and now, however, my dream of opening a bridal studio never left my mind. In 2011, when I started planning my own wedding and began my own personal search for a dress, I found myself having to venture to New York City, where my experience was enjoyable, but not at all what I had envisioned it to be. 

I felt rushed during my appointments at various Bridal Shops---a slight get-cha in get-cha out kind of feel. Also, my appointments and the space were shared with a handful of other brides, which I found to be distracting and overwhelming. Put simply, I just didn't feel special. 

It was then, that I realized there was a need to create a space that offers a truly authentic experience for brides-to-be. A space that's genuinely fun, and lets individuality and creativity shine! And the area where I was born and raised proved to be an organic union and backdrop for this vision I had been dreaming up.

And so, that tiny seed that had been planted many, many years ago has now begun to grow, into a true labor of love. 

That's my story, now I can't wait to hear yours and help make this experience as unique as you are. And have a blast doing it! 

xo, Katee Scoblic