At True North Bridal Studio our ethos is simple, to create a unique experience where brides feel inspired to be their most authentic selves. We encourage brides to stay true to their vision, and aim to create a relaxed, intimate, and fresh approach to wedding dress shopping.

Each appointment enjoys the 'run of the house'. That means the space and our attention are solely dedicated to you and those few you hold closest to your heart. We believe this magical time should feel personal and special, with an emphasis on effortless. 


Upon entering our bridal shop doors, our space feels more like a sanctuary of sorts. Our laid-back vibe offers a breath of fresh air to those who seek a place where you’re not just treated like another bride, or another face; but rather, like an old friend. We value and nurture the relationships we create along the way, and feel super grateful we get to play a small part in each beautiful story. We live for individuality and all kinds of love.


We keep it simple. Our one-on-one appointments are catered to each bride so she can relax and enjoy it. The collection is on the tighter side, showcasing the best of the best from some of the most badass indie designers out there. These small scale designers help True North support slow fashion and we love doing our part to help the environment. All of this is in an effort to make finding your perfect bridal look effortless and fun.


At True North, we don’t believe in settling for just any dress because someone thinks the dress looks ‘bridal’. We embrace the rare and unexpected, and think your wedding dress should reflect who you are and your personal style. Elaborate or simple, bohemian or fashion-forward, we love it all. It is truly a privilege to work with all brides, from every walk of life that come through the studio doors.

So, please do come see us in Chatham. It’s an ideal place to take a day trip with your crew. We are in the Hudson Valley, close to Albany, and right near the Berkshires. Talk about a perfect location!

why the name True North?

Two simple words, yet, these two words can hold so much meaning, to an array of people, in very vast and powerful ways.

To us, these two words are weighted with personal value; in its truest form. 

During Katee's wedding ceremony, her cousin read a beautiful poem she had written for Katee and her husband titled, ‘We Do’. An excerpt of the poem instantly captured them and quickly moved Katee to tears.

We Do…wish that you will always be each other’s True North – a natural bearing home in each others arms – a place of protection when the storms of the world seem perilous and hard.

When one thinks of marriage, many people often think of their partner as being their constant, their home, their guiding force---their True North.

To Katee, these two words are a representation of solace, inspiration, warmth, pure bliss, and a whole lotta love. When it came time to give a name to her dream, it proved to be natural choice. 

… Now that it is Alyssa's turn, the name still perfectly embodies everything Alyssa aims to bring to the studio. Alyssa is all about being yourself, and believes that that's where the true magic is. She believes that weddings are the perfect place to let that gorgeous self shine through. Just like the great Rebecca Campbell says, "keep facing your true north" and everything will fall perfectly into place.